Message From CEO

I am excited to announce the establishment of ORCANILE and it’s first company profile. Our team of Turkish engineers and manufacturers, who gained their knowledge in international projects, created a good synergy with experienced Sudanese employees and established a company based in Sudan, ORCANILE, and took a step to produce projects ​​of international competency and quality. We will use our experience and relationship network in all major construction structures, energy projects, water treatment projects, road constructions and workshops, for companies and governments in which we will work with our international quality performance All together for a better Africa.


All together for a better Africa.

“ORCA” symbolizes that: We’re going to complete the work we’ve started fast and powerfully, but we’re extremely fond of our family and friends, and that we’ll protect them.

“NILE” is to say that we aim to be beneficial to this continent, in the same way that the Nile gives life and fertility to Africa.